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What Do President Obama And Congressional Republicans Have In Common?

ANSWER: Both President Obama AND Congressional Republicans are supporting a secretive agreement that would let 9,000 foreign corporations bypass the U.S. legal system and force taxpayers to pay them … [Read More...]


It is rare to find an article that deals with so many elements that are important to good health. If disease prevention and the quality of life are important to you, take the time to read this … [Read More...]

Why No One Should Become President

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTERWhy No One Should Become President by James Corbett April 18, 2015Hillary Clinton should not become president.“Oh, so you think Jeb would be … [Read More...]

The Prison Business – The New Slavery

We have published several previous posts about the "phony War on Drugs" here, here and here, and the role of the CIA in keeping the supply of drugs flowing into this country.Now lets take a look … [Read More...]

Monsanto vs. Maui – Part 2

For additional background on this case, see Jon's previous article: Justice Withheld - Justice Denied By Jon Rappoport April 16, 2015 First, an important development in the … [Read More...]

Credibility Trap: Moving Beyond Corporatism and Corruption

The heart of the problem is that because of the credibility trap, we have never had a proper public discussion on what went wrong with the policies of the US.  The apathy of the people enables … [Read More...]

Justice Withheld: Justice Denied

If you are unfamiliar with the latest Monsanto scandal, read the following article by Jon Rappoport and ask yourself what has happened to our legal system. By Jon Rappoport April 10, … [Read More...]

Market Economy or Earth Economy – Which Is The Better Long Run Alternative?

Peter Joseph gives his reasoning for urging the world to switch from a market economy to a resource based economy based on scientific principles.He calls this other option an “Earth economy”, … [Read More...]

Why We Need A “Mandatory”, Not “Voluntary” GMO Labeling Law

Now that the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared Monsanto’s Roundup a carcinogen, it’s more critical than ever to convince state and federal lawmakers that we need mandatory, not … [Read More...]

On Eating “Red Meat”

April 1, 2015Organic Consumers Associationby Ronnie CumminsFor the first time since the advent of industrial agriculture, the federal government is considering advising Americans … [Read More...]