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Governor Christy – Explain Your Administrations Decision In The Exxon Settlement!

At first glance, this NYT's article on the State of NJ vs. Exxon settlement reeks of corruption and various quid pro quo's. The Christy administration settled the $9 Billion 2004 suit filed by the … [Read More...]

“Wikipedia” Bias????

Is WIKIPEDIA a source of unbiased information - NOT according to the Charles E. Holeman Foundation. This article underscores an important point - Do Not Rely on one source of information for important … [Read More...]

De-Constructing The “War On Humanity”

Before you can solve a problem, you must understand the root cause of that problem. In this interview between James Corbett and Michel Chossudovsky, they talk about his new book, "The Globalization … [Read More...]

Thoughts on “American Sniper” – And The REAL Movie That Clint Eastwood Should Have Made

The Movie "American Sniper" has become a large hit with the American audience. It might be a great theatrical production, but is it based on real facts, and is it the movie that Clint Eastwood should … [Read More...]

A Whistleblower’s Horror Story

In spite of laws that are supposed to encourage and reward whistleblowers for uncovering fraud and other illegal activities - corporations, government entities, and the legal system run rough shod … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Coming Soon – The Department Of The Internet

Published on Feb 18, 2015 Visit to stop the government takeover of the Internet. In a world where the web is open and free and innovation spans the globe, one … [Read More...]

The Battle for Internet Freedom Is Not Over

Article written by Logan Albright @ Freedomworks On February 26th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), acting under the direction of President Obama, will vote on a 300-plus-page rule … [Read More...]

The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: Ellen Brown on GRTV

For many years, so called "Conspiracy Theorists" have been predicting a one world government, and a one world currency. Listen to the following interview and the aware observer will be able to see how … [Read More...]

Looking For Reasons To Believe!

Written By: Paul Rosenberg Those of us who pursue positive change are very often frustrated. We see the necessity of change all too clearly, and we can explain how it should come about, but it … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Are You A “Vaccine Zombie”?

A rather  "light hearted" view on the serious subject of vaccines and their side effects. … [Read More...]