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Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson?

Mr. Snyder raises some very troubling questions regarding the rioting and violence that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. Was it a good strategy to let the anger play itself out and avoid additional … [Read More...]

VIDEO: The $9 Billion Witness On How JP Morgan Chase Helped Ruin Our Economy And Avoid Prosecution

You probably are familiar with the fact that JP Morgan Chase agreed to pay a large fine for it's role in committing "massive criminal security fraud" in it's mortgage banking operations that led to … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Judge Andrew P. Napolitano – Natural Law as restraint against tyranny

William Barbe Sat, 22 Nov 2014 20:25 CET Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, once a Fox News TV show host - and now an outspoken critic of the US government - delivered a short, intriguing, and, … [Read More...]

News Media – The Illusion of Choice

Listen to the interview below of the German journalist, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte.  He claims that  " Western influences, such as the CIA, bribe European journalists to comply with their propaganda. He just … [Read More...]

Discovering the Real Issue of Net Neutrality

Mark Cuban is vocal about the flaws of Net Neutrality. The government is counting on the "stupid voters" once again. The issue has been clouded by both sides and the public is torn. Recently an … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Obamacare was passed thanks to ‘lack of transparency’ and ‘stupidity of the American voter,’ says ACA architect

(NaturalNews) The most definitive proof yet that the Affordable Care Act was nothing more than a ruse to enable the federal government to take over one-sixth of the U.S. economy -- by lording over … [Read More...]

The Online Sales Tax Debate – “The Marketplace Fairness Act” – NOT!

Published on Nov 6, 2014 Have you heard that Congress may push through an online sales tax soon? This would hurt both entrepreneurs and consumers. Watch the video to learn more! The … [Read More...]

Democracy’s Gold Standard Hand-Marked, Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, Publicly Tabulated at Every Polling Place in America…

In December, the final report on the 2014 midterm elections will be released by the Center for Responsive Politics. It will in all likelihood reveal that over $4.0 billion has been spent by the … [Read More...]

Most Expensive Off-Year Election in History

In keeping with the theme of our just completed off year election, this post goes hand in hand with the humorous Jon Stewart video. Posted on November 7, 2014 by Yves Smith Yves here. In … [Read More...]

A Good Example Of What Is Wrong With Our Educational System

(Zerohedge) In future years, when historians try to ascertain why on earth the massive middle class of the United States (and other industrialized nations) willingly allowed itself to be completely … [Read More...]

Jon Stewart’s view of the 2014 Elections

John Stewart .... he really knows how to drive a point home! Jon Stewart election 110414 by lookatmyshirt   … [Read More...]

Liberal Or Libertarian? Take The World’s Shortest Political Quiz

Do you want to know where you stand on the political spectrum, or confirmation of where you think you stand? Click here for link to take test... … [Read More...]

The Following 64 Countries Have Some Form of GMO Labeling – The US Is Not One!

In 2012, California's Prop 37 which would have required labeling of foods containing GMO ingredients was defeated by 6 points. Opponents, raising more than $45 million, had the backing of large … [Read More...]