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VIDEO: John Boehner’s ‘electile dysfunction’

Talk about shaking up the status quo, J.D. Winteregg is a tea party-affiliated challenger to John Boehner in the Ohio primary. He's getting a lot of laughs out of his "Cialis" When the Moment is … [Read More...]

Hotly Debated: 1240 Scientists Demand Seralini GMO Study be Republished, Will NOT Be Suppressed

You may have read, or heard the Pro-GMO industry and press declare that there has never been a study proving that GMO's pose a health risk. Read this article below and learn that this is NOT … [Read More...]

VIDEO: BLM – Cliven Bundy – Issues Examined

 Judge Andrew Napolitano raises a number of important issues in his analysis of the Bureau of Land Managements attempt to seize the private property (cattle) of the Nevada rancher, Cliven … [Read More...]

US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains – industry report

I agree with commenter Ralph Velez, that any farmer who does not use GMO seed, and suffers economic damage because of cross contamination with GMO pollen, should join a class action suit against … [Read More...]

So… What’s In Your Meat?

( In a 2010 report (pdf) issued to the public, the USDA admitted to finding antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), anti-parasitic drugs, and heavy metals in meat … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Flight 370 – Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot System – Freescale Kinesis KL02

The mystery and confusing circumstances surrounding flight MH 370 continues to grow, rather than offering a coherent and plausible explanation of this mystery. Allow me to offer the following … [Read More...]

How to Solve Our Unemployment Problem And Improve Our Economy

In essence, scrap the whole concept of globalization, free trade deals that pit the American worker against employees in other countries making a dollar an hour with no health benefits, and begin the … [Read More...]

Thoughts On The Recent Fort Hood Shooting

The focus of any mass shooting tragedy is always upon the unnecessary and dangerous use of firearms, and the need to control and restrict their further use. I have no doubt that the second mass … [Read More...]

The Irony Of “Gun Free Zones”

Let's get right to the point of this post. Also, please be reminded that Foot Hood was a "Gun Free Zone" … [Read More...]

Retail Tsunami Of Store Closings

The Obama administration may tell Americans the economy is recovering, but the retail industry — and economic data — say something very different. Here are 16 companies that have closed stores or … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Here’s What Happens When You Say “NO” To The NSA

(Brasscheck) In February of 2001, six months before 9/11, the NSA illegally sought (and received) the private data of the customers of phone companies all over the country in a warrantless search … [Read More...]

Why I Reject Both Conservatism And Liberalism

The following is a post by Austin Petersen that I have slightly modified to fit my personal view of Libertarianism. Conservatism And Liberalism Both Lead To Totalitarianism One of my intellectual … [Read More...]

The Ongoing War Against Whistleblowers

Well Worth Watching! Sam Seder interviews documentary film maker Robert Greenwald on his 2013 film, War On Whistleblowers.  “Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in … [Read More...]